Persons With Disabilities

Persons With Disabilities, ADA Paratransit Services

The FRTA’s ADA Paratransit Services are for disabled individuals whose disability prevents them from using the fixed route service and are available within 3/4 mile of our fixed route corridor. Transportation is provided from your point of origin to your destination point and is available only when our regular fixed route buses operate (please refer to the attached fixed route schedule for our service area and route times).

The fact that accessing the fixed route is difficult, inconvenient or does not travel near or to your home or point of destination is not sufficient grounds for eligibility.

ADA service is available on a “next day basis”, but costs twice the fare amount of our regular fixed route service. Please contact our office at (413) 774-2262 if you would like an application sent to you.

Persons wishing to communicate with the FRTA using a TTY should call our main number at (413) 774-2262. Please allow time to set up our machine.

All information relative to FRTA services are available by request in alternative forms such as Braille, cassette tape and large print formats.

Click Here…to view and print the ADA Paratransit Application.

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