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Persons With Disabilities, ADA Paratransit Services


The FRTA’s ADA Paratransit services are for individuals who are unable to independently ride the FRTA’s accessible fixed-route system and meet one or more of the following criteria:

This is granted to a person if their disability (functional or cognitive) prevents him/her from using the fixed route bus service for any trip.

This is granted to a person that can use buses under certain circumstances, but needs to utilize our services under certain conditions, such as weather conditions or barriers to a particular trip by bus.

This is granted to a person on a temporary basis. The length of time will vary depending on the medical necessity.

In order to access ADA complementary paratransit transportation you must:

  • Complete the application and have a medical professional with whom you are familiar complete the Professional Verification portion
  • Reside within 3/4 of a mile of an existing FRTA bus route
  • Your trips must be scheduled to occur in conjunction with the times that the fixed-route system is in operation. Hours do vary depending on the fixed route schedule so you should refer to the Schedules & Maps for availability.
  • Trips may be scheduled from one (1) to fourteen (14) days in advance

Please contact our office at (413) 774-2262 if you would like an application sent to you.

All information relative to FRTA services are available in alternative forms by request, such as: braille, cassette tape and large print formats.

All Demand Response and ADA consumers are required to wear seatbelts in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws unless there is documentation of a medical condition that prohibits their use.   Refusal to wear seatbelt will be documented by the driver and the FRTA will not be held liable for injury as a result of this.

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