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How To Ride - Rules

There is no eating or smoking permitted on the bus. Drinks must be stored in a purpose-made travel mug or other reasonably sized seal container. If a spill occurs, please let the driver know immediately.

Animals must be in a cage or carrying case (exception is made for service animals). Animals must not be a nuisance, unclean or exhibit aggressive behavior.

Your carry on bags are limited to the number of items/bags you can carry onto the vehicle in one trip without disrupting normal entrance onto the vehicle.

Strollers and shopping carts must be collapsed. No other large items are allowed on the bus (skis, bicycles, etc.). Wheelchairs must be secured while on board FRTA vehicles.

Drivers and staff are not allowed to accept tips or gratuities. To compliment a driver, please call or write our office.

Rude language, fighting, and unruly behavior are not permitted.

Do not block exits or stand forward of the white line.

Shirts and shoes must be worn on all FRTA vehicles.

Please respect other passengers and do not put your feet on the seats or lay across multiple seats.

Passengers with electronic devices must use headphones and keep noise at a reasonable level to minimize distractions for the driver.

Passengers are prohibited from bringing hazardous/flammable materials on the bus.

FRTA and its Operator, FTM, Inc. are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen property.