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Vendors are encouraged to frequently view FRTA’s website for all open procurements or bids. Please carefully follow the instructions within the documents.

Proposals, Sealed Bids, and Quotes have specific due dates, times and locations in which they are due. It is the vendor’s responsibility to submit the documents on time, to the correct location, and in the correct format, regardless of inclement weather, limited parking at FRTA, or any other issue beyond our control. It is the vendor’s repsonsibility for the delivery ofthe proposal. Reliance upon mail or private carrier is at the vendors risk. Late replies will not be considered and may be returned.

FRTA invites sealed bids from General Contractors for the Vehicle Maintenance and Operations Facility in Turners Falls Massachusetts

       FRTA Small Purchase Bid

Supply and Install (2) 28 Ton WWHP

Heat and Air Conditioning Pumps

FRTA SPB #2021-0910

       FRTA Small Purchase Bid

Dry Sprinkler Access Head Panel Install

FRTA SPB #2021-0922

       FRTA RFP #20210614 for Radio Bid (Push-to-Talk over Cellular Communications) June 2021