How To Ride - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Are the buses usually on time?

Yes. We recommend arriving at your stop five minutes ahead of time, but there will be times that circumstances beyond our control occur (bad weather, accidents or other emergencies), causing unexpected delays. We will make every effort to meet published timetables, but we cannot be responsible for damage or inconvenience because of these delays.

Cancellations & Delays

Tune to WHAI 98.3 FM, Bear country 95.3 FM, WJDF 97.3 FM or call our dispatch office at (413) 773-8090 ext. 103.

What other Services are Available through the FRTA?

The FRTA contracts with the Department of Medical Assistance (DMA), Department of Mental Retardation (DMR) and Department of Public Health (DPH) for human service transportation services.

We arrange transportation by request for elders and the disabled residents in our 40-town area. We use a network of public and private transportation providers to provide this service. In order to qualify for these services, you must be 60 or older or have a significant mobility or functional impairment. Disabled customers must have a valid eligibility card issued by the FRTA.

We also provide services through our Med-Ride program. For more information, call our office at 413-774-2262.

Please call our office or Click Here.. for more information to see if you qualify for any of these Special services.

Did you know…?

All our buses are wheelchair accessible.

All of our buses are also equipped with bike racks. Rack availability is offered on a first come first serve basis. Cyclists must load/unload their own bicycles. See our bicycle policy brochure for more information.