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The Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA) is the largest regional transit authority (geographically) in Massachusetts, covering over 1,100 square miles.
Advertisers can reach a variety of audiences by placing ads in any one of our vehicles, both on the exterior or interior of our buses for as little as $35 per month. By choosing to use your ad dollars with the FRTA, you’ll take advantage of one of the most cost effective methods of advertising.

We have 8 fixed bus routes traveling to, from (and within) Greenfield every day to destinations such as Northampton, Charlemont, Orange, Turners Falls, Sunderland and points in between. Our Councils on Aging vehicles cover the remaining towns that we serve… In all, the FRTA provides transportation to 41 towns and covers the largest geographical area of any transit authority in the State (over 1,100 square miles).

View our advertising contract for more information on our prices and additional specifics, or you may call the FRTA at (413) 774-2262 to see how we can put your dollars to work for you.

Did you know that for as little as $35 per month you can purchase interior ad space on one of our vehicles? You can purchase exterior ad space on one of our coach buses for as little as $175 per month for a 96  X 27.5 ad.

Go all out and have one of our buses wrapped with your company ad, logo or promotion!

Click here… to view/download the FRTA Advertising Contract (PDF).